Elites Class


1.What daily habit contributes most to your success? Any adjustments during coronavirus? 

Currently, I am injured and am going through the recovery process, so the thing that has best contributed to my quick recovery is physical therapy. The second most important habit I take seriously is sleep.

2.What is the best part about competing in college? Any advise for athletes in high school?(Things you wish you knew)

My best advice for competing at the collegiate level (although I had to medical redshirt this past year) would be to get in shape and get your game feeling good before even stepping foot on campus. You want to feel confident from the start; you do not want to have to catch up to everyone else. I wish I knew more about food choices and diets before I got to USC. Our dietician has helped me make smart changes with my diet, and I have seen amazing results.

3.What would you identify as a stereotype you’ve faced in women hoops? (How did: do you plan on helping the narrative)

A stereotype I have had to face my entire career would be that I am only a “stand-still shooter.” I have worked hard to prove that I can score on all three levels while defending on the other end of the court.

4.What has being on a team revealed about your character?

I learned, at a very early age, that I am a natural born leader. In high school I made the team “my team,” and was able to lead by both words and actions.

5.What excites you most about accomplishing your goals? Favorite moment in sports so far?

When I accomplish my goals, I feel a sense of victory. I am known for being extremely competitive, so I do not stop until I reach my goals. My all-time favorite moment in sports thus far would be winning the California State Championship my sophomore year in high school.

6.Anyone positive you would like to shoutout ? 

I would like to shoutout my dad, Craig Campbell. He was my high school coach, and has became my best friends since I first picked up a ball during the diaper days. He is the reason I am who I am today.