Elites Class

Our vision is to prepare high school students for long-term success, over the decades.

We help underrepresented high school students learn about financial education, grad prep, and wellness. These subjects are important for life after high school. Our objectives are 1) to increase the number of students eligible for college, 2) to explain and promote financial independence, and 3) to teach wellness strategies to encourage healthier lifestyles. 

What We Do:

1. Deliver support to students that would be negatively impacted in the long-term from preferential criteria

2. Provide high-quality content that encourages engagement and learning and helps the protégé to track their progress in the 3 focus areas.

3. Focus on ensuring that students own their destiny (through having trusted resources to guide and inform their decisions)

Entering Freshman Enrollment, by Instution Type and Student Socioeconomic Background

Challenges Faced by Underrepresented Students When Applying to Colleges and Univeristies

Assitance Recieved in College Process for Underrepresented Students

Our goal is to bridge the gap one student at a time, by providing them with the resources they need

Meet the Founder: Kendric Harrison

Kendric was the youngest of 3 boys in a single-family home, attended a public high school and resided in a low-income neighborhood. His mother worked multiple jobs to pay the bills, obtained a Master’s degree and always stressed the value of education. 

Kendric committed to being a self-starter with his daily goals, and obtained a future with a college degree, home ownership and full-time job. “Being that kid in that dark bedroom on my desktop computer aggressively searching for community engagement and mentors to help navigate the obstacles of life has driven this foundation from vision and is driving us to where we are going.”

Kendric has always defined success by being able to be a pillar of hope for others, particularly those from communities just like his – by helping youth in under-represented communities prepare for life after high school.