Elites Class


National High School Football Champion Goes to Harvard

1.What daily habit contributes most to your success?
Consistent scheduling is most definitely a contributor. Being in the weight room daily and spending the proper amount of time to study is a key to success as a student-athlete.

2.What is the best achievement you’ve received so for?
I started at right guard for the number one team in the country on St. John Bosco HS Braves football. Undisputed and unanimous on all polls.

3.How do you handle adversity in high school?
I believe I handle it well, but it has been something acquired over time. As I go through more adversity, I gauge me options, set a clear goal, and do my best to execute my plans in the best possible way for an optimal outcome.

4.What has teamwork revealed about your character?
Being on a team has revealed that I am able to coexist and work well with differing personalities. My teammates are a diverse group from a wide variety of backgrounds and being on a team with them has proven my ability to create relationships and accomplish goals no matter the company.

5.What excites you most about entering freshman year of college?
I will be on my own for the first time, entering my adult life and seeing what it’s like to be responsible for one’s self. I grew up across the country so it will be an entirely new lifestyle and atmosphere, but I’m excited for the new opportunities.

6.What high school are you representing?
St. John Bosco High School, the 2019 National Champions.

7.Anyone positive you would like to shoutout ?
My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. My parents who have driven me to compete on the field and in the classroom. Without the endless support and sacrifice they give for me in pursuit of my dreams, none of this would be possible.