Elites Class

1.What daily habit contributes most to your success ?

Some daily habits that contribute to most of my success I would say are for one praying day and night, planning my goals before I set out for them, and just working hard.

2. What is the best achievement you’ve received so for ?

I’d say my best achievement so far would definitely have to be receiving an Ivy League full ride scholarship

3. How do you grow from failure ?

The way I see it there’s no such thing as failure I feel that “failure” is always a lesson and just another stepping stone. So I just take the lesson and learn from it therefore I avoid it the next time it may pop up.

4. What has being on a team revealed about your character ?

Being on a team has revealed to me that I am a silent leader as in I don’t lead by voice I lead by actions.

5. What are your top college choices and preferred position in sport ?

I’d say Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, or Dartmouth

6. What high school are you representing?

Monsignor Edward Pace

7. Anyone positive you would like to shoutout ?

My Mother Tamika and my Coaches[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]