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About Us

A learning resource for students.

A College degree can change a life. Elites Class can make it obtainable.

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We empower underrepresented students (ages 13-18) by offering resources in college admissions, financial literacy, health and wellness. Through targeted community partnerships and Industry experts, our objectives are 1) increase the number of student athletes that are academically eligible for college, 2) explain and promote financial independence, and 3) teach wellness strategies to encourage healthier lifestyles. Our vision is to prepare students for long term growth, over the decades.

Founder Biography

Coastal Elites was officially founded in 2019 but our journey began long before then.

Our founder, Kendric Harrison is youngest of 3 children and from a low income neighborhood. He grew up worrying about living in poverty and never having the chance to reach and maximize his greatest potential. Kendric knew that college would provide an escape from the overwhelming stress and became the first of his siblings to attend and attain both an undergraduate and graduate degree.

Kendric has had a successful career working with companies such as Wells Fargo, Boston Consulting Group and currently with Berklee College but Kendric has always defined success by being able to be a pillar of hope for others, particularly those from communities just like his. Through a pod centered school, e-Learning and community outreach, Coastal Elites maximizes Kendric’s greatest potential by helping students in underserved communities prepare for college and for life, just like he has done